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It's time we cure addiction...

“Sometimes it takes multiple efforts to fight an epidemic, and the Founders of notion nutraceuticals all believe they are answering a higher moral calling, and tackling this challenge like true champions each day.”

Jack A. Levine

Founder notion nutraceuticals

Join our movement...

notion nutraceuticals, llc produces unique compounds that help people fight their daily addictions. The team of Scientists, Doctors and Entrepreneurs are dedicated and focused on curing drug addiction. Through diligent research the group has developed  novel nutraceuticals that specifically target the growing problem of methamphetamine addiction. 


notion is presently conducting product quality control testing on a unique combination of plant derived CBD, CBG, and select Terpenes.  notion believes the combination of these natural hemp based biomolecules has substantial promise when used on meth addicts. notion's product QC test is currently running in existing halfway houses that treat recovering methamphetamine addicts, helping them get jobs and re-acclimating them into society.  The Series of 30-day Product Quality Assurance tests will allow notion pharmacists the ability to fine-tune dosage and different mixtures of its active biomolecules.

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